Year 31 is right here! – Overbuff

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Every time players will have to adhere to some measures in order to get their competitive stats to look. If you’ve presently performed some online games this season and comp stats are not showing up, be sure to check out out the Special Notes segment.

As of this producing Blizzard does not share Open up Queue stats outside the house of the sport.

  1. Be certain Occupation PROFILE VISIBILITY is set to Public beneath the Social tab of the Alternatives menu in Overwatch, then shut the recreation.

  2. Pay a visit to your Overbuff profile.

  3. Engage in at the very least 1 recreation of aggressive manner, close Overwatch, then take a look at or refresh your profile.

  4. (Repeating step.) Participate in at the very least 1 far more video game of competitive mode, close Overwatch, then go to or refresh your profile. Your competitive stats ought to now surface. If not, repeat this stage right until they do.

Even though the over may possibly seem like a good deal, we do this thanks to the way Blizzard shares its data and to support guarantee that your info from Blizzard is accurate.

Unique Notes

  • The range of video games played just before checking out your profile for the first time for the duration of a season with a public profile does not alter the earlier mentioned system. We will need to see new online games when you have been to your profile.
  • A lock icon near your title on your Overbuff profile means Blizzard studies your profile is personal and there’s very little we can do right until they say otherwise. Once it disappears, abide by the over measures.
  • If you improve your BattleTag, PSID, GamerTag, or Change title between or all through the time, you will have to follow the higher than actions again.

  • Offense and Protection roles are even now mentioned separately in some locations as an alternative of remaining listed as Problems.
  • Symmetra is listed as Assistance.