The Game Haus Top 30 Players at Worlds 2021

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Worlds 2021 is right around the corner and with it, some of the best League of Legends of the year. With the top teams at Worlds will come the top players as well. The Game Haus team got together to took a look at all of the amazing players at the event and somehow widdle it down to their top 30 players. There were more than a few discussions that got heated along with some very easy consensus picks. Luckily no one will agree with this list, even those who made it. With that, here is The Game Haus Top Worlds 2021 Players.

30. Bwipo

It’s rare for a player to perform well after a position swap. It’s even more incredible that a player would switch to a new role, mid-season and still ultimately get the team into Worlds. Bwipo made the tough call to leave the Top lane and head into the Jungle so that Fnatic could add on an exciting young player in Adam. Though his first few matches were a bit shaky, Bwipo surprisingly has some of the best stats across the board in the LEC. Now that Fnatic have clawed their way through the lower bracket, Bwipo has the chance to level up once again at Worlds.

29. BeryL

BeryL might have trolled MSI, but his aggressive playstyle is still one of the best in the LCK. He has the highest [email protected], DPM and EGPM. While BeryL may still int a game or two, he provides angles that no other Support would even try for.

28. River

The only Korean-born player on PSG Talon, River has shown over the past two years that he is a force when on the Rift. At Worlds 2020 and MSI 2021, River put on a display. During MSI he had the third-most kills while playing only the fourth most games and had a first blood percentage of 65%. PSG Talon are no joke and a lot of the reason for that starts with River.

27. Nuguri

The current World champion top laner, Nuguri moved to the LPL and joined FPX. While FPX don’t often play towards top side, Nuguri still oftentimes manages to find leads and exerts pressure, allowing Tian and Doinb to take over the rest of the map. It may not always look the best for Nuguri, but he has an important role to play, and he plays it with excellence.

26. Aria

This may be one of the only times a Japanese team will have a player on these types of lists but Aria is just seemingly on another level. There was a lot of hype surrounding him at MSI and while he only played six games, he performed extremely well. He had a 3.9 KDA and a positive GD10 and CSD10. All of this while going toe-to-toe with some of the best in the World. This kid is a star in the making and one that could lead Japan out of Play-Ins.

25. Fudge

When a player almost single-handily takes his team to Worlds and was the only one to showup at MSI, they deserve a spot on this list. Fudge went from a bit of a meme to the top-level player C9 knew he could be very quickly. When given resources, and sometimes when not, Fudge is able to take over the game. If Cloud9 want any chance to make a run, Fudge will have to continue to step up in a major way.

24. Maple

Another reason why PSG Talon have a chance for a deep run at Worlds this year is Maple. The storied player continues to get better and make incredible plays against one of the strongest positions in the world. He is someone who can be a major pressure point on the map for PSG in just about any meta. This may be the best team he has ever been on and if he wants a chance to win Worlds, 2021 may just be it.

23. JieJie

A player that gets a lot less attention than he deserves, JieJie is a scrappy jungler that loves to find advantages early. While Viper and Scout often perform the job of carrying EDG across the finish line, Jiejie is often the one setting them up for success. He also has a natural instinct for stealing objectives, notoriously, Baron, allowing EDG to come back in games where they were set behind.

22. GALA

One of the star performers on RNG during MSI, GALA had a dip in performance in Summer. With his favorite champion, Kai’sa, falling out of favor, he spent most of the split on Varus duty, where he didn’t perform as well. But with buffs to Kai’sa and impressive performances on Ziggs, GALA is still a player that deserves respect coming into Worlds.

21. Canyon

Surprisingly, Canyon is the only LCK Jungler on the list, but there is a reason he stood on top of the competition. Canyon has the third-best KDA, [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected] as well as the highest DPM and EGPM. Canyon and DK also don’t care about Dragons, but they have a Baron Percentage of 76%, which no other team is close to.

20. Alphari

The start of Summer was a bit weird for arguably the best player in the LCS. He was benched after the first game of the split for reasons that are still not completely known. Even still, when he came back, it was clear that he was the focal point for Team Liquid. He will finally have a chance in 2021 to battle some of the best in the World and show why so many in the LCS fear him.

19. Inspired

Coming off an MVP performance in the Summer split, Inspired is ready to redeem Rogue after last year’s poor showing at Worlds. Inspired helped Rogue finish with an overall record of 27-9 over the course of 2021. While Rogue failed to make the LEC Final after dropping six straight games, it was Inspired who was the catalyst for many of Rogue’s victories. His unique hero pool will be one of the strong points of this Rogue team.

18. Humanoid

Humanoid was an absolute monster in the LEC Summer campaign.  Five-time weekly MVP, LEC leader in Damage per minute, XPD per 10, and second in teams DMG share. Humanoid is really the glue that holds MAD together. Locking down Mid lane is crucial in high-stakes games, and having a player that can take over if the conditions are right is exactly what MAD needs to make a deep run in Worlds. Even though his preferred Lucian is not as viable at the moment, expect fireworks from the MAD Mid laner whenever he locks in an assassin.

17. Xiaohu

What was true in spring remained true in summer: RNG still play heavily towards Xiaohu. That said, he finished summer tied for third in the MVP race, was the best top laner from weeks five to eight, and finished as the first-team all-pro top laner. It’s safe to say that RNG’s playstyle of playing towards Xiaohu has worked out so far.

16. Ruler

Despite being on GenG who were an incredibly inconsistent team, Ruler and BDD were the most stable parts. Ruler has the second-best KDA, best DPM, best EGPM, and third-best laning stats for ADC’s. Ruler is still the superstar late-game carry he has always been.

15. Carzzy

Carzzy is one of the most important parts of MAD Lions, even if he doesn’t grab MVP honors for any given week. He might not have the flashiest stats, but when he’s on the Rift he is vital to the success of MAD. It was on full display during MSI, where Carzzy was the key player in many of MAD’s victories. Carzzy even received an elusive Rumble Stage MVP honor during his time at MSI. Look for Carzzy to make a big splash on the World’s stage.

14. Gumayusi

Gumayusi may very well be the best ADC in the LCK. He may even be one of the best in the World, but the simple fact is that when it mattered, T1 played Teddy. For that reason alone, despite his amazing stats and performances, he can’t be ranked higher.

13. Tian

While Tarzan may be the jungler everyone will have their eyes on at Worlds, Tian is still another LPL jungler powerhouse. Finishing in the third All-Pro team, Tian can play any style of jungler, allowing him to always perform well, regardless of the meta.

12. Elyoya

The Spring Rookie of the Split is ready to make his first-ever Worlds appearance. After winning the LEC Spring split, Elyoya got a glimpse of the competition when MAD qualified for MSI. His aggressive tendencies netted MAD Lions pivotal wins in the Group and Rumble stages of the tournament. After helping MAD Lions win another championship in the LEC, the rookie heads back to Iceland to show everyone once again that he is Europe’s premier Jungler.

11. BDD

BDD isn’t the carry for GenG, but what he does is enable the team. The issue with a player like BDD who is willing to sac resources for his team is that it doesn’t show well on the stat sheet, but Ruler needs to get CS from somewhere doesn’t he? BDD has the second lowest Team Gold % of any Mid Laner, but still has barely negative laning stats, mid-tier DPM, and a solid KDA of 4.6.

10. Kaiser

The king of LEC supports is here to show everyone that he earned that renewed contract with MAD. Kaiser blind picked in 66% of games in the LEC Summer split and still managed to lead the league in GD per 10, and finished second in both KDA and XPD per 10. Kaiser was also voted a Playoff MVP twice in Spring as well as once in the Summer Playoffs. Kaiser enables his teammates Elyoya and Carzzy to really shine. His leadership will be instrumental in MAD’s attempt to win World’s.

9. Faker

Faker’s Spring Split was frankly underwhelming, but he, along with T1, came back in the Summer Split. Faker has the third-highest [email protected], fourth-highest [email protected] and [email protected], along with the highest WPM. Faker isn’t lighting up the stat sheets, but he has the uncanny ability to make big plays when needed and solo carry T1 back into games. If there was a clutch factor stat, he would be on top.

8. Keria

Keria was the only player throughout 2021 not to get replaced for a single game on T1. Despite this, Keria still has the best [email protected], [email protected], CSPM, and WPM for Supports in the LCK. No matter if Teddy or Gumayusi plays, Keria will show up.

7. Light

While many eyes go towards Tarzan or even Icon, Light has stepped his game up massively and is right behind Viper, as far as being the best ADC in the LPL. With impressive performances all throughout playoffs, Light is going to Worlds to show that he is no longer in any man’s shadow.

6. Scout

When EDG were set to face off against FPX in the finals, many felt like Doinb would outclass Scout. This was far from what happened. While Doinb did underperform, Scout massively overperformed and was instrumental in shutting down Doinb in both games 1 and 2. Let it be known that this isn’t the Scout of old, this is a consistent mid laner with a wide champion pool and years of experience behind him.

5. Chovy

Chovy deserves this spot just for solo carrying Hanwha Life Esports to Worlds 2021. Despite only winning 40% of games in the Summer Split, he has the second-best laning stats, third-best DPM and highest CSPM. Hanwha Life may not be favorites for Worlds, but never underestimate Chovy.

4. Tarzan

Many had questions when Tarzan won jungler of the split in the summer. However, moving into playoffs, it was clear that Tarzan deserved that title through and through. He was instrumental in the incredible run that LNG went on to make it Worlds.

3. Viper

Despite the LPL being home to some of the most aggressive ADCs in the world, Viper managed to be first-team all-pro in both spring and summer. Viper also single-handily won EDG game four in the Grand Final when it seemed like FPX were running away with the game.

2. Showmaker

Showmaker had an incredibly impressive 2021. With the best DPM, KDA, and lowest deaths for an LCK Mid Laner, Showmaker showed that there is a reason he stole the crown from Faker in Korea.

1. Doinb

Despite not winning it all in summer, super carry Doinb has had an amazing summer. From duelists like Irelia and Lee Sin to mages like Victor and Twisted Fate and even assassins, Doinb can play them all at the highest level.

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