Pokemon UNITE Tier List: Decidueye Release Edition

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With Decidueye’s release, the climate of Pokemon Unite’s strongest picks shifted drastically. Here is a Pokemon Unite Tier List to help players become acclimated to the current meta. This Pokemon Unite tier list ranks pokemon split up in each role, ranking the best and the worst pokemon. The top-tier picks boast a versatile kit capable of adapting to various different matchups. On the other hand, the low-tier pokemon require very particular conditions to experience success.

In addition, the picks are ranked relative to their counterparts within the same role, rather than placed in comparison to every other pokemon in the roster. By organizing in such a way, a more fair approach for comparison can be made.

When ranked in the same specific tier, the pokemon are simply positioned in alphabetical order rather than strength. The list assumes players utilize the proper held items and moves to maximize the pick.

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To start off, the newest pokemon excels at zone control. Although a bit of a slow starter, Decidueye’s range on its abilities allows it to harass the enemies from absurd distances. Thanks to its area of effect damage and strong damage numbers, Decidueye stands as an S-tier attacker in Pokemon Unite.

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The pick scales very slowly into the game. When paired up with a beefy early game pokemon, such as Lucario or Snorlax, Gardevoir sees great success. Garveoir’s late-game damage bursts any sqiushy target, making it a force to be reckoned with. The issue is, without that variable, Gardevoir struggles to keep up during the early game. Many other pokemon simply scale faster, thereby pushing Gardvoir out of relevance quite easily.

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Pokemon Unite Tier List

Despite having faced nerfs in the past, Blastoise still plays phenomenally well. Build the water-type starter as a full tank, and the turtle soaks up all sorts of damage. Use the crowd control lockdown moves, and Blastoise pushes around the enemies like nobody’s business. In addition, Blastoise’s unite move absolutely destroys.

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Debatably the tankiest pokemon in Unite, Mamoswine frontlines better than any pokemon in the game. The issue with the pick is that, on its own and especially when playing from behind, Mamoswine’s moves lack the damage to push a lead. Therefore, Mamoswine relies heavily on the team picks surrounding it. A Mamoswine with a strong lead functions perfectly fine, but nobody can guarantee a lead every game.

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Pokemon Unite Tier List

With so many attackers becoming meta, Eldegoss fits into practically every team composition. Games in Pokemon Unite are fraught with players locking in squishy speedsters or selfish damage carries. Players will often fight over which role to choose, with support often being the least coveted.

As Pokemon Unite’s best support, Eldegoss provides area of effect healing and damage. Its skills are invaluable for team fights, greatly facilitating the flow of the battle.

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Mr. Mime

The pokemon is labeled as a support, but experienced Unite players should know that this is a bold-faced lie. Mr. Mime is very much a killing machine that excels at bursting down squishy pokemon. But that’s the thing, the pokemon excels against squishy targets. If the enemy manages to survive Mr. Mime’s initial burst combo, the amount of utility he brings into a team fight drops significantly.

Unlike other conventional supports, it does not heal, provide barriers (unless Buddy Barrier is active), or even boost up teammates. Mr. Mime is more like a secondary damage dealer, cleaning up after fights and locking down enemies whenever necessary. Therefore, if the team or lane lacks damage, depending on specific matchups, Mr. Mime may fall short. In essence, the pick is very dependent on matchups. Take Mr. Mime’s Barrier walls as an example. If a pokemon can simply hop over the wall, the amount of benefit from the move drops significantly. But against a pokemon that cannot, the wall absolutely destroys them.

The takeaway for this Mr. Mime section is just to be wary of Mr. Mime’s actual role on the team, alongside its matchups.

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Despite facing nerfs in a previous patch, Lucario still dominates in Pokemon Unite. Its damage numbers, tankiness and mobility make it a force to be reckoned with. Easily, Lucario is a top-tier pick in Pokemon Unite. For those looking for a beefy frontline pokemon, but not wanting to play the typical defender, Lucario is an excellent choice. By building purely defensively, the pokemon manages to deal absurd damage while simultaneously locking down the enemy.

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This slow scaling all-rounder takes far too long to evolve into its final form. In its first form, Gible is essentially useless, serving as practically a glorified wild pokemon. Sand attack is, hands down, the weakest move in the game. It deals nearly no damage, and therefore makes Gible dead weight for its allied laner. Pokemon Unite’s meta very much centers around carrying a lead. Since it is incredibly difficult for Garchomp to do so from early on, try playing a different all-rounder instead.

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The terror that is Zeraora remains at large. The Pokemon’s mobility, damage and scoring potential are nearly unmatched in Pokemon Unite. From the beginning of the game all the way to the last second, Zeraora deals amazing damage. With one of the strongest unite moves in the entire game, which shoots out an undodgeable one-shot lightning bolt, Zeraora is easily one of the strongest picks in Pokemon Unite. Especially when playing against a bunch of squishy attackers, the lightning speedster excels at bursting down unwitting foes.

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This pokemon excels at snowballing a lead. Especially when matched up against squishy pokemon, Gengar bursts down enemies extremely fast. But miss one skill, or lack the team composition to utilize Gengar’s resets, and the pokemon often becomes a sitting duck. Understanding what specific conditions the pick functions best is essential to maximizing success on Genger.

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In Conclusion

Though some picks definitely shine brighter than others, all Pokemon, except maybe Slowbro, are still viable in their own regard. Especially with the right items and team communication, every Pokemon can see success. So do not let this tier list deter the passion to main a specific Pokemon.

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