How to Create Credit Card Debt Pay Off That is Permanent

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One of the greatest feelings you will experience, is when you’re successful with debt pay off. But, before you can become successful with debt pay off, you must know the definition.

Some feel it is the temporary pay off of bills so you can start overspending again. It is not. Others think debt pay off it is paying bills down so you can start making big bills again. It is not.

On the flip side, debt pay off does not mean you should have all of your debts paid off in full. It only means there are some debts you should keep low. One of those debts is credit card debt and that leads us to how to create a plan for credit card debt pay off.

This information is particularly valuable now that inflation has arrived. Those who have low debt can handle inflation a lot better than those deep in debt. But, regardless, even with inflation, you can lower your debt and lower debt will help your budget, just like those who have low debt.

Learning the importance of staying out of debt starts early and is the key to low debt. But don’t fear, you can also learn to get out of debt on your own if you didn’t learn those skills early.

One of the greatest feelings you will experience, is when you are successful with “debt pay off”



Learning how to payoff credit card debt is not difficult, particularly if you know how successful people do it, why you should do it, and that it can be permanent. Unfortunately, many debt users grow up with the media notion that being deep in debt is good, and that is where your problems start.

Why do lenders want you to be in debt? Because they benefit from the interest payments, sometimes huge, compounded interest payments

Also, if you grow up in an environment where over-spending is the norm you pick up the habit of over-spending.

To an extent some debt is good, but when it gets overwhelming and stressful, such as high credit card debt or predatory loans, it is not. Understanding the right way to pay off credit card debt is important. Because the compounded interest can balloon and devastate you in the long run. Why pay $300 for a dress or shirt that originally cost $30?

Coupled with making the minimum payment due, the compounded interest can be downright disastrous.
Minimum payments can make your balance stretch years, 20 years on a minimum payment is not uncommon.


If you get behind in your payments, the results can be even more disastrous, the company can increase your interest rate and minimum payment. Not only will that one credit card increase, but also your other company cards.

That seems like cruel and unusual punishment, and it is. This is a major reason it is wise to focus like a laser beam and make every single payment on time, at least your minimum payment. This can be avoided by keeping balances low. But, making more than the minimum payment will help dramatically, to pay off your debt early, the more the better

Good credit or making payments on time and keeping your balances reasonable for your income will help you to get good interest rates on a car or home. A low-interest rate on a car or home is important because those payments can go on for years. Just one point in an interest rate can increase the balance on your car or home by thousands.

Understanding the right way to pay off credit card debt is imperative



In some cases, you will have to payoff your credit card debt fast, because you are trying to buy a car or a home. High credit card debt could send you into the “NO” pile for a quality loan.

 A nice loan officer will tell you how to get into the “YES” pile for a car or home. That may include telling you how to first payoff credit card debt fast, to qualify for a loan quickly

How to payoff credit card debt fast? Stop spending on credit first. Sell everything you don’t need or use from shoes, clothes, furniture, cameras, and watches. Cancel expensive subscriptions like cable, high cell phone bills, internet service, and software subscriptions you don’t need.

To payoff credit card debt fast, make a chart and use MsFinancialSavvy financial calculators, list everything you can get rid of now. Include the date to sell it, and how much you need to sell it for, then the date to pay it on your credit card.

Also, include on your chart a place to list how much debt you need to pay off fast, and the date to pay it off. Include how much you can make selling each item. Ask friends and family to purchase first, try a yard sale, consignment shops, then internet sell sites.


Getting loans to payoff credit card debt is not credit card debt pay off. It is switching one type of debt (credit cards), for a different type of debt (debt consolidation, etc). You are still in debt, sometimes worse debt.

The debt consolidators or home equity loan folks will tell you how you can get “out of debt”, by replacing existing debt with new debt. We are all smart people, so don’t let the debt-switchers fool you.

There is only one way to get out of debt, and that is with cash. Cash is king when it comes to pay off debt, so don’t let anyone tell you using loans to pay off credit card debt is ok, it is merely debt replacement.

There is also a psychological component to using loans to replace credit card debt(loans). Many people who do debt replacement loans get right back into credit card debt. They tell themselves, now I am out of debt, I got out quickly, and it’s ok to get right back in. Which is not so.


First, if you are still in debt with the second loan, the car and home lenders will recognize that and deny you again. Second, because, in your mind, you fool yourself into thinking you are out of credit card debt, as mentioned before you get right back in.

It is important after you get out of debt you address the problems that got you there in the first place. Are you overspending to make yourself “feel good”, instead of addressing the problems that make you “feel bad”?

To create a credit card debt pay off that is permanent and mind-boggling you must address a few emotional facts first.

Are you purchasing things you are not using, because you didn’t need them in the first place? Are you using credit cards in place of a savings account? A savings account is the first thing you will start after paying off your credit cards. With a savings account, you will take money out of savings, not on your credit card for emergencies.

Ask yourself these questions. I call the 4 this’s before you buy anything; Do I need this? Will I use this long-term? Can I afford this? And will it last?

You May Need to Payoff Credit Card Debt Fast To Buy a Home, But Loans to Pay Off Credit Card Debt Won't Help


In this article, you have learned how to create a credit card debt pay off that is permanent and mind-boggling. By understanding Debt pay off, how to payoff credit card debt over time, or if you don’t, how to pay off credit card debt fast.

And mostly, loans to pay off credit card debt is not credit card debt payoff. Loan replacement is equally as bad as your credit card debt. Setup the chart I described to pay off your credit card debt, and
train yourself to save for a rainy day.