How To Start A Mom Blog and Make Money Online For Stay At Home Mom

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Last Updated on May 3, 2021 by Justin Su

You are a mom and want to make money online? Then you at the right place.

Do you know how to start a blog? For moms, it is not an easy task to make money online as moms have to take care of the whole family.

But still, there are many bloggers who are moms and making a good amount of money. You may read many mom blogs and get inspired by them.

Blogging can help you to generate up to six-figure income by staying at home. I already published an article on how to start a blog but this article is specifically for moms who stay at home and wants to make money.

There are many blogging platforms that used by bloggers, but in this article, I will take WordPress as an example, as 39% of websites on the internet are using WordPress.

Working as a blogger is all about fun, sometimes you will enjoy writing an article and sometimes you will feel tired of it.

Do you know you can share this article and it will only take few seconds?

So let’s start our guide with basic questions first.

How Much Time You Need To Spend

Before you start a blog you need to know that how much time it takes to start and manage a blog.

If you have earned money online using different methods through your PC then I am sure you are good at using the computer. If you are good at typing and using a computer then you are already saving a lot of time.

Starting a blog takes around 2 to 4 hours from purchasing a domain to start writing your first article.

But how much time you need to spend daily on your blog? It depends on the type and niche of your blog.

Overall it will take 1 to 2 hours daily on your blog. It includes publishing an article, creating images for an article, sharing on social media, submitting & indexing on google.

How Much You Can Earn

Blogging is the process of long-term work which requires time, hard work, and patience to generate money for you. It also depends on the niche you have chosen.

Mainly new bloggers do make money using Adsense and their first target as a blogger is getting approval from Google Adsense, this is what I did when I started

You can see I got approval from Adsense but still I am not using them, I will tell you why and why you should do the same.

You can earn around $1000 to $5000 each month with 5 to 10K monthly quality traffic.

Start A Mom Blog With 11 Simple Steps

I will tell you how you can start a blog in 11 simple steps. This will take some time, like 2 to 4 hours or more hence take time before starting.

Step #1 – Choose A Perfect Niche

The perfect niche can make you rich in Google search but a bad niche will not help to rank anywhere.

Before starting a blog you need to know which topic you are going to write about. Because niche affects the design of your website.

You can’t just think that you can publish an article on a different topic on one blog. If you do then believe me you are not going to rank in Google ever.

If you focus on one niche then you can work on SEO more efficiently and you can get more traffic.

For moms, the following are the best niche to start a mom blog. You can choose any niche you want below are just suggested niches.

  • Cooking
  • Dressing
  • Personal Finance
  • Health
  • Yoga
  • Crafting
  • Education

How To Choose Niche?

Choose the niche in which you have more interest. If you love Yoga then go with it

Check the traffic and user in a specific niche. You can use online tools like Google Trend and Keyword finders like Semrush and Ahref.

Check Earning Potential

If you are starting a blog then you already planned to spend hours on the computer. If you don’t get anything back from it then it is worthless.

You have to check out how much you can earn from your blog and it is profitable or not. For some niches, they can monetize their site through affiliate marketing, some use ads network, some publishes sponsored posts, and some do listing. There are different ways to monetize your site.

A perfect niche can help you to understand earning potential of your site.

Step #2 – Choose Blogging Platform

You can use any blogging platform you want to do but choosing one from another is the main issue. All blogging sites come with their own unique features.

Currently, the site which you are viewing is using the platform. So definitely yes, I will suggest you use

WordPress is easy and fast to use. You will love to use WordPress in comparison to other platforms.

Step #3 – Get Suitable Domain and Hosting

Domain name plays an important role in blogging. Your domain name should be short, simple, rememberable and it must include your niche.

If your blog is not easy to remember then more and more users will visit your site directly. The domain name also affects the SEO and ranking.

If you are a newbie then you need to choose a hosting platform that allows you to run your website smoothly. I am currently using Namecheap to host my website.

You can purchase a domain name and hosting plan from Namecheap. I like their customer support as well, they are quick in helping.

As a mom and beginner, you might need help in using hosting, in this case, I suggest Namecheap.

Step #4 – Install WordPress

Installing WordPress on your domain is very easy. You can visit your cPanel and install WordPress by choosing the WordPress option.

If you don’t know how to do then you can contact customer support.

Step #5 – Select Perfect Theme

Theme impacts the SEO of your sites. If you want to rank in Google and get your articles indexed in Google then you should use the SEO-optimized theme.

Whenever I publish an article on this blog it gets indexed within a few minutes. But I saw there are new bloggers who struggle to get index their posts or pages. The main reason why they don’t get index is the bad theme and plugin.

I am using the Divi theme which is really simple and easy for me. You can go with Divi or can use any other theme from ThemeForest.

There are free Themes available on the internet which you can use as well.

You might visit many stay home mom blogs on the internet then you might have an idea, on, how you want your website to look like, right? If yes then I suggest hiring a developer who can customize the theme according to you.

Step #6 – Install WordPress Plugins

Using the plugin is an important part of the blog. Currently, I am using 31 plugins which is really too much for blog sites. Because plugins impact the loading speed of the site.

I suggest, use 15 to 25 plugins only. If you don’t know which plugin you should use then I suggest checking out this article on the list of the best SEO plugins for WordPress sites.

Step #7 – Add Important Pages

It is necessary to have pages like Contact Us, About Me, Privacy Policy, and Disclaimer. These pages are suggested by Google itself. So it is really worth adding.

If you don’t know how to create a Privacy Policy page, then don’t worry, there are websites that can help you to create a Privacy Policy page for free.

PrivacyPolicyGenerator is one of the best tools to generate Privacy and Policy page.

Step #8 – Find Your Competitor

Once you already decide on your niche and set up your website then you have to search for your competitors. Competitors play an important role in your success.

If your niche is Yoga then you have to take a paper and pen (notepad is enough) and make a list of sites that are on top of Google under your niche.

This list will help you in our next step number 9.

Step #9 – Get Article Idea & Publish Your First Post

It is necessary to know on which topic you are going to publish an article. There are many topics on which you can post your first article but the question is that a specific topic can generate enough traffic for you or not.

Hence you should check your competitor’s website and their trending, most viewed, and most commented article. Through this, you can get an idea of which topic you have to publish your article on.

You can publish your first article on your mom’s blogs. Does start a mom blog is hard?

Note: I suggest making a list of your topic, at least 30 topics so you don’t need to check for content ideas daily.

Step #10 – Promote Your Blog

If you are good at SEO then you don’t need to promote your blog posts anywhere but we are not that many specialists hence we need to promote our blog to get traffic.

Promoting blogs can be also part of SEO.

To promote your blog you need to create social media accounts first, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Youtube are suggested. You should publish an article and share a link to your article on these social media platforms.

There are many forums on the internet that you can use to promote your blog. But you should target those forums only which are related to your niche. Never do spam on forums.

Guest Posts can be the best way to promote your blog. Guest post means publishing an article on someone else’s website in exchange for that you get backlinks from others blog. For this, you have to spend some money and always choose a site with higher DA and PA (also traffic) than yours.

Step #11 – Monetize Your Blog

You can’t make money by just publishing an article, to make money online through your blog you need to monetize it.

There are different methods to monetize your blog. Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, Sponsored Posts, Listing, and others.

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Monetizing sites with Adsense is easy but it generated less revenue in comparison to Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate Marketing can work with 50 visitors but Adsense will not.

Sponsored Posts can generate huge revenue only when you have a good amount of traffic and a good ranking in Google. You can get up to $1500 to $3000 for each sponsored post. It all depends on your blog traffic.

That’s all.

Should I Start Blogging Today?

Today is better than tomorrow, so yes you should start working as blogging today.

In this article, I showed you how to start a mom blog and earn money by staying at home. If you are still interested in this then you can start working as a blogger.

But if you don’t want to work as Blogger then there are other methods to make money which I have mentioned on this website already.

How To Start A mom Blog On Instagram

Making money on Instagram is possible for Moms. You can start a mom blog on Instagram. To start a mom blog you need to have Instagram account first then follow below steps.

  • Choose your topic
  • Create images on the chosen topic
  • Upload daily 1 to 3 images
  • Add proper tags and description
  • Do this thing daily

You can start making money on Instagram with your blog by promoting others’ accounts or any product using affiliate marketing.

Best Mom Blog Niche Ideas

Above in step #1 I already mentioned the list of top best mom blog niches. But below I am adding some more blog niche ideas for moms.

  • Cooking
  • Dressing
  • Personal Finance
  • Health
  • Yoga
  • Crafting
  • Education
  • Parenting
  • Pregnancy
  • Baby care
  • Family life
  • Recipes
  • Kid products
  • Schooling
  • Crafts and DI

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Why I should not use Adsense as a Mom Blogger?

Most beginners start with Adsense, once they start getting the traffic they immediately apply for Adsense. But I stopped working with AdSense because it decreases the site speed. I tried more than 5 times and It decreases the site speed as well as reduces the daily traffic.

Are mom blogs Profitable?

Yes, mom blogs are profitable, there is very low competition hence you can grow your site and can earn money.

How do beginners blog make money?

Beginners blog with low traffic can make money using Affiliate Marketing. Adsense can be the best alternative too.

How to make money with a mom blog?

You can make money in three ways, Affiliate marketing, Sponsored posts, and Advertising Networks.

If you like this simple guide then please share it on Social Media and other platforms.