Hodlnaut Review 2022 – How Much You Can Make?

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Hodlnaut is a crypto platform targeted at investors looking to maximize their returns. Although the platform only supports 6 cryptocurrencies, it offers 3 ways of investing – interest accounts, fixed deposits, and token swaps. Interest rates vary and depend on your preferred cryptocurrency and way of investing you choose. In general, the APY can go up to 12.73%.


  • Industry-leading interest rates
  • Ease of use
  • Unlimited withdrawals
  • No deposit fees


  • Limited cryptocurrencies, just 6
  • No FDIC insurance

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What is Hodlnaut?

In 2019. Hodlnaut was created as a platform for helping individual investors acquire maximum returns from cryptocurrency. 

Since its inception, the company has recorded milestones such as 10,000 users and a team of about 50 members. Hodlnaut also has about $500+ million in held assets.  

Holdnaut operates out of Singapore, and its CEO/co-founder is Juntao Zhu. The company can give investors good returns from their cryptocurrency by partnering with organizations like Jumio, Okcoin, Fireblocks, and Nexus Mutual.

How Does Hodlnaut Work?

The platform is targeted at improving passive earnings from cryptocurrency assets. If you own cryptocurrency, this company can help you invest and get returns. 

Hodlnaut is both a savings and holding platform for cryptocurrency. The company has multiple products you can choose from. 

Available Hodlnaut products are:

  • Hodlnaut crypto interest account
  • Token swap
  • Fixed-term deposit

With the Hodlnaut crypto interest account, you can deposit your cryptocurrency and earn interest. There are no lock-in periods with this interest account, and you get payouts to your wallet every Monday.

You can earn returns from depositing cryptos such as:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Dai
  • USD coin
  • Tether
  • Wrapped bitcoin

With Hodlnaut’s token swap, you can swap tokens with no fees and earn interest immediately afterward. You can swap tokens through the website or app and maximize available earning opportunities.

You can lock in your cryptocurrency assets and earn returns too. The returns from fixed deposit are better than the crypto interest account, and the lock-in period ranges from 28 days to 180 days. 

You can earn returns for the 6 cryptocurrencies supported in the interest account with the fixed deposit feature.   

All the earning options available on Hodlnaut are based on the fact that investors get to lend their crypto assets. So, you deposit your cryptocurrency, Hodlnaut helps you lend your deposit, and you earn returns. 

Who is Hodlnaut Best for?

Hodlnaut is a cryptocurrency exchange and crypto trading platform for investors. With this cryptocurrency exchange, you earn from your having and saving cryptocurrency assets. 

You lend your crypto assets through Hodlnaut and earn interest every Monday in the coin deposited.  

How Much You Can Earn With Hodlnaut?

Your earnings are dependent on the Hodlnaut product you use. The crypto interest account and fixed deposit account returns can be estimated. Your returns from token swap can vary widely based on market outcomes.

The crypto interest account supports 6 cryptocurrencies with varying returns:

Bitcoin Up to 6.50% Up to 6.71%
Ethereum Up to 5.5% Up to 5.65%
Dai Up to 8.0% Up to 8.32%
USD coin Up to 12.00% Up to 12.73%
Tether Up to 12.00% Up to 12.73%
Wrapped bitcoin Up to 6.50% Up to 6.71%

With the fixed deposit account, the earnings vary according to the cryptocurrency and the lock-in period. The estimated earnings for fixed deposits are as highlighted below.  

Lock-in period: 30 Days 90 Days 180 Days
Bitcoin 2.50% 0.0275 0.03
Wrapped bitcoin 2.70% 2.95% 3.20%
Ethereum 3.00% 3.25% 3.50%
Dai 6.50% 6.75% 7.00%
USDC 6.50% 6.75% 7.00%
USDT 6.50% 6.75% 7.00%

Hodlnaut Fees: How Much Does it Cost to Invest With Hodlnaut?

Hodlnaut does not have deposit fees. The only fees that apply to using this crypto trading platform are withdrawal fees. The platform offers one free withdrawal every month. 

After the free withdrawal, the following withdrawal fees apply:

Cryptocurrency Fee
Bitcoin 0.0004 BTC
Wrapped bitcoin 0.004 WBTC
Ethereum 0.0036 Eth
Dai 10 Dai

Hodlnaut Features: What Does Hodlnaut Offer?

Hodlnaut Products

Hodlnaut features include the products available for you to earn interest on your cryptocurrency assets. 

Thus, the features of Hodlnaut are:

  • Crypto interest account
  • Token swap
  • Fixed deposit account

You can use any of these products and features to earn returns on your crypto asset. 


Hodlnaut has no deposit fees, for all six cryptocurrencies. You only get to pay for withdrawal fees, after the free monthly withdrawal. Withdrawals are unlimited at any point. 

Fixed Interests

The interests for crypto interest accounts and fixed deposits are estimated and somewhat fixed. 

Interests for fixed deposits are higher than that of the crypto interest account and you’ll receive them in-kind, as in the same cryptocurrency as you’ve deposited. 

Ease of Use

Hodlnaut is accessible via the website as well as the app, making the products and services easily accessible.  


No minimum amounts apply to deposits on the Hodlnaut crypto saving and holding platform. Deposits are also only available through crypto. No fiat deposits are available on Hodlnaut.

Hodlnaut Requirements

KYC requirements

Hodlnaut has similar KYC requirements to other crypto trading platforms. You need to submit personal details such as your name, email, and government ID.

Hodlnaut Payout Terms and Options?

Hodlnaut’s payout terms and conditions depend on particular products: 

  • For crypto interest accounts, there is no lock-in period, and you get interests every Monday. 
  • For fixed deposits, interests are according to the lock-in periods (30,90, 180 days). 
  • For token swaps, interests are according to market activities and outcomes.  

You can withdraw for free once a month. Withdrawal fees apply to multiple monthly withdrawals. The withdrawal fees are as highlighted above. 

Hodlnaut Risks: is Hodlnaut Safe to Invest With?

Hodlnaut has multiple security features such as two-factor authentication for withdrawals. Information is also encrypted with industry-standard encryption that protects the platform against hackers. To date, the platform has remained impenetrable to hackers.    

Based on the security features and history of Hodlnaut, we can state that the platform is both legit and safe. 

How Does Hodlnaut Protect Your Money?

The crypto platform protects your money based on features and partnerships such as custodianship with Fireblocks. Fireblocks has a mix of features that guarantee the safety of digital assets.

Crypto deposits are not insured and do not have any similar protection to the FDIC federal protection. However, you could buy insurance from Nexus Mutual, based on the partnership with Hodlnaut.   

Hodlnaut Reviews: is Hodlnaut Legit?

Hodlnaut reviews score 4.7 out of 5-star rating on Trustpilot, 4.7 on Apple App Store, and 4.4 on Google Play Store.

Happy users have praised the platform for features like the high quality of customer support and high APY rates on their investments.

On the other hand, some users have complained about lengthy verification processes. However, it’s noteworthy that verification procedures are necessary to keep your account safe.

What Are the Hodlnaut Pros & Cons?

Hodlnaut Pros

  • Industry-leading interest rates
  • Ease of use
  • Unlimited withdrawals
  • No deposit fees

Hodlnaut Cons

  • Limited cryptocurrencies, just 6
  • No FDIC insurance 

How Good is Hodlnaut Support and Knowledge Base?

Hodlnaut has a resources section on its website where you can find crypto-related information and news. The resources section has subsections such as crypto insights, crypto academy, promotions, news, and how-to guides.

The crypto academy particularly provides information that can guide crypto knowledge and investing journey. Hodlnaut also has an official telegram group with over 6,000 members.

Hodlnaut Review Verdict: is Hodlnaut Worth it?

Hodlnaut is a crypto platform targeted at investors looking to maximize their returns. Although the platform only supports 6 cryptocurrencies, it offers 3 ways of investing – interest accounts, fixed deposits, and token swaps.

Interest rates vary and depend on your preferred cryptocurrency and way of investing you choose. In general, the APY can go up to 12.73%.

However, note that deposits are only available through the supported cryptocurrencies and not through fiat. Withdrawals are available for free once a month, and fees apply to subsequent withdrawals.  

How to Sign Up With Hodlnaut?

You can easily sign up with Hodlnaut through the web or mobile apps – it has both Android and iOS apps. 

Click on the Sign-Up button and enter the personal and KYC details. As soon as your details are approved, you can deposit your cryptocurrency and begin to earn interest. 

Sites Like Hodlnaut

Sites Like Hodlnaut Service Fees Minimum Deposit Best for
Hodlnaut 0% 0 Beginner investors
Coinbase 0.5% to 4.5% $50 Crypto traders
Binance Up to 0.5% $50 Crypto traders
BlockFi About 1% $0 Intermediate/advanced crypto trader

Hodlnaut vs. Coinbase

coinbase logo

Coinbase Summary

  • Over 4500 cryptocurrencies to choose from
  • Low minimum deposit amount of just $2
  • Get $10 when you sign up for an account
  • Get a $10 bonus for each friend you refer

You cannot buy or sell crypto on Hodlnaut directly. This is possible on Coinbase. Both on Coinbase and Hodlnaut, you can stake your crypto for returns. 

Hodlnaut vs. Binance

binance logo

Binance Summary

  • Low fees
  • Offers stocks, futures, and options
  • Powerful tools to learn active trading
  • Eide range of products for passive income

Binance is a more fully-fledged cryptocurrency exchange than Hodlnaut. Like Hodlnaut, Binance allows you to earn rates on your cryptocurrency. However, Binance has a wider range of cryptocurrency assets. 

Hodlnaut vs. BlockFi

blockfi logo

BlockFi Summary

  • Get a $10 bonus for every referral
  • Get up to 3.5% cashback on card purchases
  • Borrow money from as low as 4.5% APR
  • Earn up to 9.5% APY on your deposits

BlockFi gives out loans, similar to Hodlnaut. The cryptocurrency exchange also has staking features, through which you earn interest. 

Other Sites Like Hodlnaut

Hodlnaut FAQ

Is Hodlnaut available in the US?

Yes, the service is available in the US, as well as many countries of the world, even though it operates out of Singapore. 

Is Hodlnaut trustworthy?

The cryptocurrency saving and holding platform has multiple safety and security measures. Information is encrypted and partners with organizations to ensure the safety of funds and security of accounts. 

Can I buy crypto on Hodlnaut?

You cannot buy or sell crypto on Hodlnaut directly as you cannot deposit fiat. However, you can swap your cryptocurrency asset for any of the six supported options.

How much can I earn on Hodlnaut?

You can earn up to 12.73% APY from your Hodlnaut crypto interest account. 

Can I withdraw money on Hodlnaut?

Yes, you can withdraw money at any time from Hodlnaut. One withdrawal is free per month after which withdrawal fees apply.